Image Optimization has always been a tricky aspect for a website owner and spending hundreds of dollars on the optimization along with manual coding doesn’t make any sense. Don’t even think about the additional CDN charges!

IMGHaste – A tool that provides you optimization service for your website with faster speed and CDN. And, no coding required!

Increase the speed of your website using imghaste. Higher rankings, Less server costs. No integration required.

Support all screen types from 320x to ultra high HD. Make your website blazing fast all around the world for all devices.

World wide CDN for Your Images: Serving from 500+ Edge Servers worldwide provide faster content delivery all over the world.

Easy To Use: comes with a Plug & Play Service Worker. That will do all the work for you.

Automatic Transformations: WebP, Client Hints, Size reduction, Effective Connection Type, Progressive JPEGs, Interlaced PNGs, and many more.

SEO & Performance: We will not use URL Rewrite on your end. No over-charges from BOT traffic. No more 404 errors on your Images. You keep all benefits for your real users ONLY.

Client Hints: Serve your images at the right dimensions using the power of Client Hints.

Service Worker: With the power of Service Workers, we are able to offer you an enterprise-level solutions for your website.

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